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Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard another software application designer state:”.

Having a blog site is great– however you can’t make any cash doing that …”

Well, in simply a minute I’m going to reveal you how you can make a minimum of $100from your blog site in the next 90 days, ensured 100%.

More on that quickly …

First though I wish to handle this concept that you can’t make any cash with a blog site.


This claim that you can’t make more than “pizza cash” from a blog site gets tossed around a lot– it turns up practically each time I discuss how important blogging is for your software application advancement profession.

The factor this concept will not pass away is, there in fact IS a grain of fact in it.


Or at finest perhaps they make sufficient to cover their server expenses.

I’ve spoken independently with numerous truly prominent software application designer blog writers, pillars in the market with names you ‘d acknowledge quickly …

And you may be stunned to hear how little they make from their blog sites. I understand I was.

When you’re simply starting with your brand name brand-new blog site, it’s simple to get dissuaded and purchase into the concept that blogging isn’t a feasible method to grow your earnings.

Prior to you cross out the imagine at some point making a great side earnings from your blog site, however, let me inform you about my journey with Simple Programmer.

I initially began Simple Programmer back in 2009, and in those very first number of years I made ZILCH from the website.

The issue wasn’t my blog site– the website was gradually and definitely getting traction.

The issue was * me *.


The very first method I attempted to make a little cash was the exact same thing that everybody attempts when they begin a blog site:.


Now I do not wish to knock advertisements excessive. I offer marketing on Simple Programmer today, and it does generate a healthy stream of money.

Of all the methods to make earnings from your blog site, advertisements are simply about the LEAST EFFICIENT technique you can utilize.

You require a HUGE audience, and even then you may just make a couple of hundred dollars a month.

I blame the “toss up a blog site and slap advertisements on it” design for this relentless misconception that it’s difficult to make side earnings from your blog site.

It took a while, however as Simple Programmer kept growing, I began to smart up.

I saw how I was making simply cents a month from the marketing, and after a while I began taking a look around for other methods to “generating income from” the blog site.

One day I heard that Amazon will pay you to put links on your blog site to items that you like, and I chose to provide it a shot.

Would not you understand it, it worked!


I understand, kind of pitiful?

Today Simple Programmer produces near to $30,000monthly, and everything began with that $1091

Let me inform you however, I was RIDICULOUSLY pleased with that earnings.

Although it wasn’t much, and although I was making a lot more from my 9-5 task …

Earning this cash felt SO pleasing.

Due to the fact that it indicated that I had a method of earning money that was totally my own– and nobody might simply take that far from me.

My earnings from Simple Programmer began as a small drip.

And when I began to see some momentum, I didn’t wish to stop.I went trying to find more income streams. I included a 2nd, and a 3rd, and a 4th …

Pretty quickly I was generating $100a month here, $500a month there …

$500a month is absolutely nothing to sneeze at, specifically when it’s totally “passive”– and not incorporated any method to your present task.

That’s sufficient to cover a vehicle payment, or keep the lights on and pay the grocery expense.


That’s a video game changer for your self-confidence and complacency.

Having a “cushion” like this offers you alternatives: You can select to accelerate your objectives, like settling financial obligation. You can invest the cash back into your profession through education. Or you can begin investing for your retirement …

And it’s truly approximately you how far you wish to take it.

In my case, I chose to grow Simple Programmer to a full-blown company …

One that pays me a comfy 6-figure income while likewise managing me the time and liberty to pursue other objectives in my life, like my current trip of China with my other half and child, or going into the San Diego Rock and Roll half marathon …

Recently I got asked in a podcast interview whether it was possible for a software application designer to make lots of money with their blog site.

Is the success I’ve taken pleasure in with Simple Programmer simply a fluke– or is it something that you could experience?

Here’s what I stated: Anyone can begin a blog site and within a year or 3, you can be making $1,000a month, or $2,000


There are a lot of tools readily available, therefore numerous chances to make earnings from your efforts.

All you require is the desire and some persistence to put in some constant effort.

That– and the understanding of where finest to direct your efforts to begin making money immediately.

My greatest remorse with Simple Programmer is that I didn’t have a strategy in location from Day 1 for how I was going to generate income from my blog site.

There wasn’t anybody that I understood who was doing what I was doing.I made a LOT of errors– and lost a great deal of time and chance as an outcome.

( In reality I’ve been informed that simply among the errors that I made due to my lack of experience and simply absence of details has conservatively cost me a number of hundred thousand dollars in lost income.).

If I ‘d had an opportunity at that time to take a seat with somebody who had actually developed an effective blog site and was making earnings from it, I might have grown Simple Programmer SO much quicker.

Hindsight is 20/20, that’s for sure.

Just recently I was thinking of simply just how much I’ve discovered generating income from a blog site and growing …

And I understood that I might put that experience to great usage by developing a resource for software application designers and blog writers like you to bypass the agonizing experimentation and mis-steps I went through.

I call it:.


When I was beginning out, this program really is the resource I want I ‘d had.

It’s a whirlwind trip of all of the various methods I understand of to generate income from your blog site.

I’ll reveal you every strategy I’m utilizing with Simple Programmer– and even a number of income streams that I have not had an opportunity to execute.

You’ll see live examples of how other blog writers are utilizing these income-generating techniques …

And even get a couple of “preview” at the income I’m creating with Simple Programmer.

In this video series, you’ll find:.

  • What’s a REALISTIC objective for just how much you can make with your blog site?
  • How to make more from marketing by eliminating the middle guy
  • One concern to ask prior to you attempt to generate income with your blog site if you wish to optimize what you’ll make (and keep the trust of your readers)
  • How to discover business that will pay you for access to your audience
  • 3 non-obvious methods to offer marketing (far more successfully too)
  • How I turn every article at Simple Programmer into a income-boosting chance
  • Not making cash? Action 1a to begin making money with your blog site today
  • An appealing trap that can make you some cash today, however damage your blog site prior to you have an opportunity to truly make more down the roadway
  • Don’t have a lot of traffic? You can still generate income from your blog site– a great deal of cash in fact
  • The costliest error I made when beginning Simple Programmer, and what you can do TODAY to prevent making the exact same mistake
  • 3 things you can provide on your blog site that need nearly no in advance work
  • How some designers have the ability to rapidly make sufficient earnings to stop their day task and support themselves utilizing their blog site
  • A simple, “why not” method to create a couple of dollars a month (or perhaps more)
  • How a devoted however little fan base might generate sufficient income to pay your home loan every month
  • 10+ methods to get individuals to pay you for the understanding you currently have
  • One action you should begin TODAY that will be a “force multiplier” on whatever else you finish with your blog site later
  • How the “podcast king” generates income by obtaining the competence of other designers

BONUS: Exclusive “Open Kimono” Tour of My Simple Programmer Business

Just recently I hosted a “examine my shoulder” discussion for a choose couple of diehard advocates of Simple Programmer …

In this video, which is not for sale anywhere else, you’ll view as I fire up my screen sharing software application, open the Simple Programmer books, and action through my earnings streams line by line.

You’ll see precisely what methods I’m utilizing to generate income from Simple Programmer– and just how much income each channel generates.

When was the last time somebody offering you “company suggestions” wanted to be that transparent with you?

As you can see, I’ve loaded a LOT into this brief course.

This bundle represents 7-8 years of hard-won understanding that I’ve collected while constructing Simple Programmer from a brand name brand-new blog site to a 6-figure company.

And let me inform you– If there was any method I might pack myself into a time pill and zap myself back to 2009 when Simple Programmer was simply getting going …

This understanding would have made me countless dollars– even numerous countless dollars.

At that time I ‘d have leapt at the possibility to pay $500and even $1,000for this details.

And it would have been well worth it, since the financial investment would have spent for itself numerous times over.

You will not have to pay $1,000for this details.

You understand how highly I think that every software application designer must have a blog site if you understand me.

When you see dollars streaming into your back account as an outcome of the words you compose, and I understand direct how encouraging it is as a blog writer.

When you see individuals in fact prepared to pay you for your concepts, I desire you to have that exact same experience– to feel that rise of interest.

I’ve chosen to set the rate tag on this course low enough so it does not break the bank.

That indicates that you can get it today for simply $99