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Fast Track the Growth of Your Consulting Business





Lesson 1: Fundamentals – The Fundamentals Of Building A Successful Consulting Business

Lesson 2: Targeting – The Types Of Businesses You Should Be Targeting For Maximum Profit

Lesson 3: Market – Get Out Into Your Market

Lesson 4: Connecting – How to Connect with Decision Makers

Lesson 5: Pricing – What You Should Be Charging for Your Services

Lesson 6: Niche – The Easiest Way to Find the Ideal Niche Markets

Lesson 7: Cashflow – Cashflow Is King For Your Consulting Business

Lesson 8: Mindset – The Money Mindset Focus

Lesson 9: Milestones – Consulting Business Milestones

Lesson 10: Sales – The Simple Process of Making an Offer and Generating Sales

Lesson 11: Outsource – Hire Better Suppliers and Make Better Offer




Week #1: Defining Clarity Around Your Offer

Week #2: Finding and Identify Buying Niches for Your Services.

Week #3: Scripts and Tactics to Engage the Market.

Week #4: Setting up the Perfect Strategy Session.

Week #5: Outsourcing the Work

Week #6: Finding and Closing Bigger Deals


Resource #1: Audio Recordings and Transcripts

Resource #2: Sales Process Blueprint & Video Training

Resource #3: Consultant’s Appointment Funnel (Clickfunnels)

Resource #4: Consultants Accountability Training

Resource #5: Consultants Contracts Terms & Services

Resource #6: Access to John’s Resource Partners

Resource #7: Swipe Fast Action Emails

Resource #8: Pitch Deck and Video Training


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